Caring for a Wrinkly Dog

Dogs are cherished as pets due to their loyalty, love, and playful nature. However, it’s lesser-known that wrinkles can affect these furry friends too. And it’s not just aging that can cause wrinkles, but also excessive sun exposure or dehydrated skin. To keep your dog looking youthful and lively, it’s crucial to give them the right care. Here are some tips for caring for your wrinkle-prone dog:

1. Bathe Them Regularly

Many people think that a dog doesn’t need baths more than once in a while, but if your pup has wrinkles, they may be more in need of regular washing. Wrinkles aren’t necessarily dirty, but bacteria and yeast love to live there, too. You should bathe your wrinkly pup at least once a week, but you can also sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch between the skin folds to keep them dry and fresh.

2. Moisturize Them Regularly

Maintaining wrinkles is like maintaining your own skin-you’ll want to moisturize regularly. You should use specific products for dogs with wrinkles and not the lotion you use for yourself. It’s a good idea to apply a small amount of moisturizer while your pup is still damp after bath time, then let it air dry.

3. Trim Their Nails with Care

If you aren’t careful while trimming your pup’s nails, you could end up with split lips or extra skin folds. Be patient when you cut their nails, and always cut below the quick, so they don’t bleed.

4. Keep Them Clean

Keeping your dog clean is essential for more than just avoiding odour. A dirty dog can irritate their skin, leading to issues that could have been prevented just by bathing them. You should wash your pup with a dog-specific shampoo once a week and make sure to avoid getting water in their ears or nose.

5. Get the Sunscreen Ready

Just like you would never want to get too much sun on your face or body, dogs don’t either! If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your pup, make sure to keep them covered in sunscreen. This will not only protect them from wrinkles and cancer, but it will also help prevent sun damage like coat colour fading and cataracts./

Just like with human skin, a dog’s coat is affected by being active. If you want to keep your pup’s wrinkles looking young, you should ensure they are getting enough exercise, especially if they are outside during the day. This will help them maintain a healthy weight and skin tone for years to come.

7. Keep Their Diet Balanced

Having balanced nutrition can be vital in preventing wrinkles. You should make sure to give your dog’s skin the necessary vitamins, including Vitamin A, E, and B. This will help them heal quickly if they are injured or cut their skin.

8. Treat Them Right

Treats are a great way to motivate dogs to do certain tricks or learn new behaviours. But if you give your pup treats often, you should keep their nutrition balanced. Cooked chicken is a good treat option when training your dog, but it would be best if you could avoid jamming treats in their mouth when training them at home.

9. Keep Them Calm

If your dog is active and always on the go, you should calm them down when possible. If they constantly jump or run around, they could end up tearing their skin. Avoid over-exercising with your pup if you know they get excited quickly.

10. Maintain Their Health

Like humans, dogs need to see a veterinarian regularly to maintain their health. If you notice your dog is developing skin conditions, taking them to the vet should be your number one priority. They should also get regular checkups for heartworm and other infections.


Dogs with wrinkles may need more baths, moisturizing lotions, and extra care when trimming their nails. If you follow these simple tips for caring for a wrinkle dog, your pup should stay healthy and happy in the long run. It’s essential to see the veterinarian regularly if they develop skin conditions or other health problems; this will help avoid any future issues that could affect their physical appearance and overall health.

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