Why Do Wirehaireds Make Good Pets?

There are countless breeds of dogs, however, wirehaired dogs carry a wealth of benefits. Their sizes vary, ranging from standard dachshunds to Siberian huskies. Given their minimal shedding, these dogs are an excellent choice for people with allergies. Additionally, they tend to live longer than other dog breeds. Their friendly disposition makes them perfectly suited to be family pets.

Here are some qualities that make wirehaireds a great pet:

  • They are intelligent,
  • Easy to train
  • Fun to play with

This breed makes a great first-time dog because they are not as fragile as smaller breeds and don’t need much attention. But, they still require lots of exercise, so be prepared to take your wirehaired on a long hike or fun run every day.

Wirehaired also have a very laid-back personality, so you can expect them to cuddle up on the couch while watching TV, but they also love to play, so there’s no worrying about your wirehaired getting bored. Most wirehaired are very social and will get along great with children, adults and other animals!

What is a wirehaired dog, and what makes them great pets?

A wirehaired dog is a dog with bristly, coarse hair that stands out from its body. It has three varieties: the standard wirehaired dachshund, the Siberian husky and many more. They make great pets because they don’t shed much, which means they are less messy to keep around, they live longer lives than other dogs, which makes them especially good for families with young children, and they are very social creatures, so they will easily fit into your life.

Some Interesting Wirehaired Facts

  • There are three different varieties of the standard wirehaired dachshund dog, each with its unique qualities. The most common variety is the smooth coat, which has a luxurious shorthaired coat that is easy to groom and doesn’t shed often. The longhaired has long, flowing hair and requires more grooming than the smooth coat. The wirehaired is even rarer and has a double-layer skin that is bristly and dense.
  • Siberian huskies were originally bred in cold climates, and they need to be kept warm at all times! They’ll let you know how they’re feeling through their actions, so if they act lethargic, it might be because their body temperature is too low. Keep them warm with blankets and let them sleep near you at night to help regulate their core temperature.
  • You get a double dose of personality when you get a wirehaired dog! They have an independent streak which means they won’t need to be coddled constantly and instead come up with ways to amuse themselves. However, they are also incredibly loving dogs which means as long as you give them enough attention, they’ll shower you with affection too!

What are some wirehaired dog personalities?

  • Wirehaired dogs are very social animals which makes them incredibly easy to train. They have a quick learning speed which ensures that you’ll teach your dog how to sit, stay and fetch in no time. This breed has a powerful personality, too, so make sure you’re confident when training them, or they might try to take over!
  • They are intelligent creatures which means you’ll need to be on the ball when training them. Otherwise, they will take advantage of you! They won’t listen if they think it’s something they don’t need to do, so make sure you let them know the boss.
  • Though wirehaired dogs are very independent, they also love lots of attention and affection! If you give your dog enough love, then it will show in their personality. They’ll be happy to play fetch with you all day long, but they’re still a low-maintenance dog breed, so they’ll be content to curl up on the couch with you while you watch TV.

Why do they make good family pets?

Wirehaired make great family pets because of their social nature. These dogs are very social animals bred to be good with children and other animals in the home. They don’t shed much, which is a big plus for those who have allergies, they live longer than most dogs, and they thrive in a home environment.  Wirehaired are known to be intelligent, easy to train and tons of fun!


In summary, wirehaired is a great choice as a pet because they have three different varieties. Each has its unique personality traits, making them especially good for families as they will get along well with kids and adults. They don’t shed much, which makes them easier to keep clean, and they live longer than most dogs, so they’re perfect for families with young children.

Their social nature means that they’ll easily fit into your life and will get along great with you, your friends and family members. They are intelligent creatures which is great because training them won’t be a challenging task, but you have to remember that they have a strong personality which means it has to be clear who is boss.

You’ll get a lot of love from your wirehaired dog! They are great for families because they get along well with children and adults alike so that everyone will have a friend in your furry best friend. It might be a good idea to train them when they’re young because that way you’ll establish a great relationship from day one, but with their intelligence, it probably won’t be too hard to teach them old dog tricks either.

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