How to Keep Your Dog Happy During the Summer

Keeping a dog content indoors throughout the summer could be tough, but with some foresight and creative strategies, it is possible.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog happy indoors during the summer, we have five things you can do before it gets too hot outside. If they must go out for walks in the heat of the day, make sure they’re adequately hydrated by having them drink tons of water beforehand.

Alternatively, if you’re running out of time or ideas when temperatures rise (which happens quickly), some things can be done on the fly–such as making sure they always have cool water and plenty of shade and that they’re not left outside for too long.

Here are five ways to keep your dog happy indoors during the summer:

Ensure That There is a Cool Place to Rest

Ensure that there’s a cool place where your dog can rest, whether it’s a grassy spot in the backyard or a cool tile floor indoors–you might try putting down some sheets of plastic or large towels. Even if you have an air-conditioned room for your dog to sleep in, keep a fan turned on, so it’s not too hot.

Always Have Ice Water Available for Your Dog

Always have an ample supply of ice water available for your dog–preferably from the tap rather than from plastic bottles or cans, so it stays colder longer and doesn’t spoil as quickly. Your dog will love you for it!

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Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Make sure your dog is hydrated before you go outside in the heat by having them drink lots of water (which can be replaced with ice cubes if they like to chew on them). They mustn’t become dehydrated.

Ensure There is Plenty of Shade

Always make sure that your dog has plenty of shade to avoid overheating–if you can’t provide shade, at least make sure they have a cool spot nearby where they can escape the sun’s rays. If it’s hot enough for you to want some shade nearby, it will be hot enough for your dog to want it, too.

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Don’t Make Your Dog Overheat

Don’t subject your dog to the heat of the day directly–especially not in a newly landscaped area or anywhere that has recently been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers (which can be very toxic). It’s also important not to make your dog overheat by leaving it in a car or truck, even if you roll the windows down.


Keeping your dog happy indoors during the summer is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. If you plan and provide them with cool places to rest, plenty of shade from the sun or air conditioning inside for tough days, and lots of ice water (or even better–fresh drinking water), they’ll be much happier than if left out in the heat all day long.

It’s also important that you don’t leave your pet in an overheated environment like a car or truck; err on the side of caution when deciding whether to take them outside at any given time!