Why You Should Get a Hairless Dog

Is having a dog with hair superior? Previously, a vast majority held this perception, however the latest evidence seems to indicate otherwise. There are several factors validating this shift in viewpoint, some of which might surprise you!

Here is why getting a hairless dog is the best choice for you:

It will be More Comfortable in Hot Weather

Like humans, dogs have trouble regulating their body heat. The fur on your typical furry friend can cause them to overheat quickly because it traps heat inside the coat. If you live somewhere warm year-round or visit places where it gets scorching during the summer months, then cutting off that coat makes sense if it means keeping your pup cool and comfy.

Not only does removing excess fur reduce the amount of heat that’s trapped, but it also reduces the amount of humidity and helps keep them dry.

It can Help Reduce Allergies

Do you suffer from pet-related allergies? If so, a hairless dog could be just what you need to get your family back together again! Their lack of fur means there’s no dander, which translates into one less thing for your allergies to fight against.

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It’s Easier to Care for

Sure, grooming a dog with fur isn’t exactly a nightmare, but it does take some time out of your day. However, caring for a hairless dog is much simpler – you won’t have to worry about brushing or bathing them, which means more free time for you.

They are Much Less Likely to Have Skin Problems

One of the most significant benefits of owning a hairless dog is that it makes them much less likely to get the types of infections that crave warm and moist environments, like hot spots or yeast infections. This also goes for ear infections, which are common in dogs with fur.

They Produce Less Saliva

If you have ever had a dog before then, you know that they typically slobber on anything and everything! There’s nothing wrong with having a dog that drools all over the place, but if it gets excessive to the point where it becomes a problem for you or those around you, having a hairless dog is the way to go. Not only does their lack of fur eliminate most drooling, but they also produce less saliva as a whole which makes keeping your home clean even easier.

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How to Pick a Hairless Dog

Check with Local Laws

Before adopting or buying a hairless dog, make sure you check with your city’s laws to see if there are any restrictions on owning them. Some areas might require pet dogs to have fur, so it’s best to be informed before you make the decision.

Make Sure it Fits Your Lifestyle

Dogs typically require a lot of attention and care – is this something that you can provide? Hairless or furry, all dogs need affection to live a happy life. Think about how much time you have for them on a regular basis, and if this will be enough.

Be Prepared to Do Extra Research

Since hairless dogs aren’t as common as your average pooch, you might have trouble finding information online about them. Make sure you do plenty of research before committing to one of these little guys so that you know what to expect.

The best thing about getting a hairless dog is that they are just as lovable and goofy as any other breed. They might require more care, but it’s worth it for all of the perks!

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Now that you’ve learned about these great benefits of getting a hairless dog, the next step is to find one. It’s easy to search online or at your local animal shelter for dogs that require new homes, and with so many breeds available, it won’t be hard to find one you like. Good luck!