Best Dog Gates

Naturally, you would prefer your dogs to be around you most of the time. However, there may be instances when you need to restrict their access to certain parts of your home for various reasons. The best strategy to stop them from accessing these off-limits areas is by setting up a dog gate.

If you have all the time in the world, you can D.I.Y. But, if you don’t require a custom-designed pet gate, here are the best dog gates available on the market.


Best Value

Venture Q-Fix Extra Tall Pressure Fit Pet Safety Gate

The Q-Fix Safety Gate is one of the tallest gates on the market at 110cm tall. Unless your dog has exceptional high jump or flying talent, this gate will keep them confined in their designated space. The dog gate has an adjustable width and expands to fit door and hallway openings from 75cm to 84cm. Q-fix also offers 7cm and 14cm gate extensions if you require a wider width. These extensions, however, are sold separately.

Best for Convenience

Carlson Extra Wide Dog Gate

The Carson dog gate is low enough for adults to cross but high for the dogs to climb. The gate size ensures to accommodate passageways you wish to bar but allows you to pass through conveniently.

This dog gate is made of an all-steel frame that guarantees durability and protection with a cherry wood accent for aesthetics. It also has an added small door feature sized at ten by seven inches to let other pets pass through.

Best Freestanding Gate

Dibea Dog Safety Gate

The Dibea dog gate frame is made from strong but light pine wood to secure the perimeter where you keep your dogs. The pinewood creates the homey stroke of the barrier while providing the support to hold the robust steel wires of the gate.

This barrier offers a high level of safety as the height and width can be adjusted according to your requirements. And to ensure that your dog won’t be able to move the gate, Dibea included wall bracket attachments and equipped a non-slip material to the gate feet.


Bettacare Dog Gate

The Bettacare Curved Top Dog Gate is a pressure-fit pet gate designed to keep your dog or puppy safely contained within a specific area of your home. With its sturdy construction and curved top, this gate provides a secure barrier that ensures your pet stays where they should be.

PawHut Dog Gate

The PawHut Dog Gate provides a tall and sturdy barrier to keep your furry friend safely confined to specific areas of your home. With its pressure-fit design and double-locking mechanism, this gate offers added peace of mind by preventing your pet from accessing stairs or potentially dangerous areas.

With an adjustable width of 74-80cm, this dog gate can be easily installed in doorways, hallways, or other openings throughout your home. Its sleek black design seamlessly blends with any decor while effectively keeping your pet contained.


Unipaws Freestanding Dog Gate

If your dogs are not in constant confinement, a foldable, freestanding gate is most likely suitable for you. Unipaws offer a beautiful and flexible wood gate designed with duel sided folding system for compact storage when not in use. This product doesn’t need assembly and ready-to-use within seconds.

Unipaws Wooden Dog Gate

Opting for freestanding dog gates is the best decision if you don’t have a knack for product assembly. A fully assembled dog gate such as the Unipaws folding wooden gate is ready to use within 30 seconds.

The product’s gate panels can be tucked together with the help of the 360° rotatable hinges for compact storage when not needed. No screws and no fixed attachments freestanding gate allows flexible utilization anywhere inside your house.


Munchkin Metal Lindam Wide Dog Gate

The Munchkin Metal Lindam Dog Gate is incredibly easy to install, making it a hassle-free solution for securing stairs and doorways in your home. With its user-friendly design and clear instructions, you’ll have this safety gate up and running in no time.

This dog gate is adjustable from 64.5cm to 102cm, accommodating a wide range of staircases and door frames. Whether you have narrow or wide openings, this gate can be easily extended or contracted to provide a secure barrier for your pet or child.


Say goodbye to the hassle of stepping over gates or removing them every time you need to pass through. This dog gate features a convenient walk-through door that allows you to move freely between rooms while keeping your dog securely confined. The one-hand operation makes it effortless for you to navigate through your home with ease.

Carlson Pet Wide Walk Through Dog Gate

The Carlson Pet Gates Extra Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door offers a convenient and versatile solution for pet owners. With its extra-wide design, it can fit openings from 29 to 44 inches wide, making it perfect for large doorways or staircases.

This gate is extremely easy to install, no drilling or tools required. Simply adjust the pressure mounts to secure it in place and you’re good to go. It’s also lightweight and portable, so you can easily move it around the house as needed.


Scandinavian Extra Tall Dog Gate

This flexible pet gate is designed with convenience in mind. It features a user-friendly latch system that allows easy, one-handed operation, making it effortless for pet owners to move through the gate without hassle. Additionally, its flexible design allows you to shape it in various ways to fit different openings or areas of your home.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Gate

The Carlson Extra Tall 104cm Walk Through Gate provides a reliable barrier for high-jumping dogs, ensuring they stay safely contained within designated areas of your home. With its durable construction and pressure-mount design, this gate offers peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend won’t be able to escape or access restricted areas.

How To Choose The Best Dog Gate

Best dog gates should offer more than one aspect of functionality and style. There are several things to consider to ensure that you get your money’s worth.


When getting a new pet, you tend to be excited to purchase every accessory and toy that your new furry friend will need. So, you might be asking yourself, do you need a dog gate? The answer depends on your situation as a pet owner. If your house has certain “no-go” zones, then, yes, you need dog gates to dog-proof some areas. By acquiring a dog gate, you can protect both your dog and your house from possible chaos.

Another reason why you should get a dog gate is to train your dog if they are the rowdy kind—giving the dogs or puppies a confined space to learn proper movement around the house.

Dog Breed and Size

Not all breeds are created equal; the same goes with the dog gates. Large dogs obviously can’t be barred by short and flimsy dog gates. Therefore, you must consider the weight, the design and the stability of the dog gate fit for your dog’s strength and breed.

In addition, intelligent dogs with the ability to solve problems for the sake of freedom can outsmart some dog gates. If you are graced with such a dog, walk through pet gates can’t do the job. Choose something more stable and anchored to prevent fence breakouts.


Best dog gates serve their function – keep the dogs confined in their designated space. But, aside from that, why not get more features and benefits for your convenience? For example, if you take care of more other pets, such as cats that can roam freely, there are barriers equipped with cat flaps or small doors to allow them to pass through without opening the whole door.

Another is the convenience of access. Short dog gates are suitable to hinder small dogs and puppies from going over but handy for the adults to step over.


One of the reasons you’re getting the best dog gate is for the security of your dogs and your furniture. Ensure that the gate locks are child-proof and pet-proof to avoid chaos. Choose a gate with locking features if necessary. If not, acquire a barrier that is stable enough to maintain its position and function.


If you’re not handy with tools or you have no time for it, there are many dog gates options to choose from. Most installation-free gates are freestanding and pressure-mounted dog gates. Freestanding gates are often short in height and supported with rubber feet and panel formation. It can be folded to adjust to your required size.

On the other hand, pressure-mounted ones require time for set-up and a list of instructions to follow. It is usually taller than freestanding dog gates and equipped with extra-secure locks and buttons for access. Proper alignment of the bars is required to be perfected for it to serve its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs knock over freestanding gates?

Freestanding gates can be knocked over by heavier and larger dogs if not anchored to heavier support. Most freestanding gates are only suitable for small dogs with no capacity to push objects larger than them. But, curious dogs can most likely find their way to break free when they want to.

How high should my dog gate be?

Some dog owners set dog gates as high as six feet, especially if the dog is large. However, the dog gate is not always about height to be effective. Stable and robust dog gates are required to ensure that the dogs can’t pass through.

How do I stop my dog from jumping up the gate?

You can increase the height of your dog gate to discourage your dogs from jumping over it. However, if your dog is very persistent, it will find a way to beat obstacles to get out. The next best thing you can do is find out how they solved the problem and eliminate their means of getting out.